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/ Andrew W.K. / The Wolf (2003) / Totally Stupid guitar tab

Okay, this is my first tab. Andrew WK kicks serious ass so I'm going to post an awesome song: Totally Stupid.
*Open with choir, piano*

Life's too short, so do what you want

A--79 (Three times)
Then for the chorus:
I'm totally stupid
G-------------------------------------------------99 (four times then)----------
D-------------------------------------------------99-----------------7 (throughout the rest of the song)

End song with :

D---9                  e----5-4-5-4-0 (for that last little lick)
E---7 and then
Now the Lyrics:

Life's too short, so do you what you want
I said it before, and I'll say it again
So everyone just do what you want
People will laugh and tell you to mop
People will come and here come the cops
It's all been up and going to town
Did what ya could and put the ball out of bounds
I'm totally stupid, totally stupid
People don't like what you do
Give em what they want, give em what they have
Give em what they are and they should
People don't care; they're doin what they did
Do what you could and put the ball out of bounds
Now we dig deep pulling out
Out of the ground
I'm totally stupid
Would you give up all you are to keep the things you got?
Would you give up all you got to get the things you want?
All the things we want are here, we have to face our fears
When we look into the future to the place we haven't gone, see what we are becoming
We have known it all along
If we wait until tomorrow, will tomorrow ever come?
Cos this is where we're coming from, we're not the only ones
If we find ourselves in trouble, we can find a place to stay
And the place is somewhere safe
If you have a heart that's in pain, don't be afraid
You're not too blame
There's a better world inside of us, where we always thought it was, you don't need to hide
You can open up your eyes and you'll discover that there is another

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