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/ John Frusciante / Inside of Emptiness (2004) / A Firm Kick guitar tab

John Frusciante-A Firm Kick
Album:Inside Of Emptiness
Track 04
Tabbed by Tom Woo

A               E               Bm              D          E
 A firm kick in the pants, this last chance, to get things right,

A              E             Bm            D          E
 This was one time I, closed an eye, looked away from you,

F#m                               D
    Look out for yourself tonight, Sometimes i have to get things right,

A       E            Bm      F#m         A           E               Bm      F#m
I never meant what I said to you, To give up all the things that you love to do,

A          E                 Bm       F#m        A       E          Bm        F#m
I'd never guessed that you'd done me wrong, I'll never accept that dance and song,

A                 E             Bm       D        E
 A little time to adjust, would be just, what we need,

A                            E2            Bm              D             E
 I've meant to tell you what I think, that you think, when I cross your mind,

F#m                                D
    Forgone, stressed at the light,  Whats wrong with being uptight,

A       E          Bm      F#m A           E         Bm       F#m
I never say what I intend to,  But does it mean that much to you,

A           E           Bm         F#m     A           E          Bm     F#m
I'd a close call with a glitch in time, Are you really that happy to be mine,

E              D       E            D         E                 D
No I'm not disguising, all that fighting, and dreams not coming true,


F#m  C#  E  B  F#m  C#  E  B

 F#m        C#   E              B        F#m    C#    E    B
I will play some light from the sun, the world by my side,

 F#m       C#   E       B     F#m   C#      E       B
I will see dawn as a forlorn maiden in the sky,

    F#m        C#  E         B    F#m     C#     E    B
And I will play a song of thunder you may recognise,

    F#m    C#     E        B
You make a never, thats forever,

F#m          C#   D        E
Knowing what you deny,

A               E               Bm                 D          E
 When I revisit the past,  it's a blast, i've just gotta move on,

A                   E             Bm          D           E
 I've just let down someone, i relied on, and I don't see why,

F#m                             D
 How'd we pretty up that speech, M city talkin through me,

A          E               Bm     F#m A             E            Bm       F#m
I've never done what I set out to do, don't come to me 'cuz i'll run from you,

A           E            Bm     F#m
Left out of life would I really care,

A           E                   Bm     F#m
Not a whole lot there's nothing for me there,

E          D           E              D    E            D
I'll never forget, the limits that we set, back when it was our moon,


       E               D         E                D
And, I never made a pretense, of living with good sense,

     E             D       F#m
It's really not my strong suit

  A    E    Bm   D    F#m   E2   C#   B

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