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/ MxPx / Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo (1998) / Self Serving With a Purpose guitar tab

Song:   Self Serving with a purpose
Artist: Mxpx
Album:  Slowly going the way of the buffalo(1998)
Tabed by: Jonathon Mann

A, G, D, G/A (these are just the basic chordes)
(play that for verse:)

Next time my heart breaks in cold rage
I'll be on your page
Waves of misunderstanding crashing
Demanding passage through

(palm muted) A

G         D       A
Dont tell me I've changed
G         D       A
Dont tell me I've changed
G         D       A
I'm not like you thought
G         D       A
I'm not like you thought

You've got your rights
Dont mean its right, ethical or sane
I'm not your type your behind me
Dont remind, regret

Still "Desperate is as desperate does"
Self served purpose, grasping straws
Ugly hate and ill bread heart
A                          C
Misunderstanding from the start

"Let's Go!"  G  D  A  G  D  A  (back to chorse)

outro-D, G, D, A

   A    D   C   G

Any questions, comments, e-mail me at ''.

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