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/ The Ramones / End of the Century (1980) / Danny Says guitar tab

Song - Danny says
Album - End of The Century
Band - The Ramones

tabbed by Luke Ellis

       Danny says we gotta go
       Gotta go to Idaho

e I------------------5----7----------------
B I----9-------------5----7----------------
G I----9-------------6----8----------------
D I----9-------------7----9----------------
A I----7-------------7----9----------------
E I------------------5----7----------------

But we can't go surfin' 'cause it's 20 below

e I--------------------------------5----7--------------
B I--------------------------------5----7--------------
G I--------------------------------6----8--------------
D I--------------------------------7----9--------------
A I--------------------------------7----9--------------
E I--------------------------------5----7--------------

Sound check's at 5:02
Record stores and interviews
Oh, but I can't wait to be with you tomorrow

    Baby oho-ho-ho
    We got nowhere to go

e I-------5---7----------------------------
B I-------5---7--9-------------------------
G I-------6---8--9-------------------------
D I-------7---9--9-------------------------
A I-------7---9--7-------------------------
E I-------5---7----------------------------

And it may sound funny, but it's true

e I-5-------7------------------------5---7---
B I-5-------7--------6---------------5---7---
G I-6-------8--------6---------------6---8---
D I-7-------9--------6---------------7---9---
A I-7-------9--------4---------------7---9---
E I-5-------7------------------------5---7---

Hangin' out in 100 B
Watching Get Smart on TV
Thinkin' about you and me and you and me

   Hangin' out in L.A. and there's nowhere to go

e I-------------------
B I--7----------------
G I--7----------------
D I--7----------------
A I--5----------------
E I-------------------

   It ain't Christmas if there ain't no snow

e I--5----------------
B I--5----------------
G I--6----------------
D I--7----------------
A I--7----------------
E I--5----------------

   Listening to Sheena on the radio oh-ho oh-ho

e I-------------------
B I--7----------------
G I--7----------------
D I--7----------------
A I--5----------------
E I-------------------

    Oh-ho oh-ho uho-ho

e I--7-------------------------------------
B I--7-----------9-------------------------
G I--8-----------9-------------------------
D I--9-----------9-------------------------
A I--9-----------7-------------------------
E I--7-------------------------------------

e I----2---7-------------------------------
B I----2---7--6----------------------------
G I----3---8--6----------------------------
D I----4---9--6----------------------------
A I----4---9--4----------------------------
E I----2---7-------------------------------

    Sound check's at 5:02
    Record stores and interviews

e I--2---------------7---------------------
B I--2---------------7--6------------------
G I--3---------------8--6------------------
D I--4---------------9--6------------------
A I--4---------------9--4------------------
E I------------------7---------------------

    Oh, but I can't wait to be with you tomorrow

e I-2------------------------7----------2--
B I-2------------------------7------6---2--
G I-3------------------------8------6---3--
D I-4------------------------9------6---4--
A I-4------------------------9------4---4--
E I-2------------------------7----------2--

   Baby oho-ho-ho
   We got nowhere to go

e I-----7------2---------------------------
B I-----7---6--2---------------------------
G I-----8---6--3---------------------------
D I-----9---6--4---------------------------
A I-----9---4--4---------------------------
E I-----7------2---------------------------

    And it may sound funny, but it's true

e I-7----------------3--------------7--------
B I-7--------6-------4--------------7----6---
G I-8--------6-------3--------------8----6---
D I-9--------6-------1--------------9----6---
A I-9--------4----------------------9----4---
E I-7-------------------------------7--------                                                                                    Hangin' out in...

e I-----2---7---------
B I-----2---7--6------
G I-----3---8--6------
D I-----4---9--6------
A I-----4---9--4------
E I-----2---7---------
[ riff:  E C# D F# ]
e I-------------2-----
B I------9-6--7-2-----
G I------9-6--7-3-----
D I------9-6--7-4-----
A I------7-4--5-4-----
E I-------------2-----

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