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/ Ataris / Anywhere But Here (1997) / Blind and Unkind bass tab

the ataris
"blind and unkind"
off of the "Anywhere but Here"cd either their 1st cd or the new 2002 edition
on Kung Fu Records

d              1111  2222
a   2222 4444
thats the main riff

not shure of the other part
think its

a         3333       3333
e   3333        3333

this is my first tab only been playing 5 monthes please email me at if u can figure out the other part please do corrections if u know anybetter

Ataris albums
2003 So Long, Astoria
2001 End Is Forever
2000 Let It Burn
1999 Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits
1997 Anywhere But Here
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