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/ The Beatles / Beatles For Sale (1964) / I'm A Loser bass tab

Title        : I'm A Loser
Artist/Group : The Beatles     Album : Beatles For Sale
Info         : 4 String Standard Bass 
Date - Time  : 7/31/2002 - 10:51:19 AM
Created by   : Ken Robertson

Note Length (above the bass line):w=whole, h=1/2, q=1/4, e=1/8, s=1/16, t=1/32, .=1.5*previous.
Fingering (below the bass line):1=index, 2=middle, 3=ring, 4=pinkie, 5=thumb.
Special Note Symbols:
   h    = hammer-on from previous note
   p    = pull off from previous note
   /or\ = slide up or down to note
   b    = bend note
   S    = slap the note with the right-hand thumb (left hand if left-handed)
   P    = pop the note with the right hand (left hand if left-handed)
   t    = tap the note with the right hand (left hand if left-handed)
   H    = harmonic
   x    = muted note
   r    = a rest.
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