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/ The Beatles / Rubber Soul (1965) / Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) bass tab

The Beatles
Norwegian Wood

This probably isn’t exactly right, but I listened to the song and it really seems to match it up correctly.

Intro and Verse

G ------------------------
D ---------9----------9---
A ---7---7------7---7-----
E ------------------------


G ------------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------------------
A ---7--7--7--7----------------7--7--7--7---------------
E ---------------5--5--5--5----------------2--2--7--7---

This can also be used as a bass line, its sounds pretty good.  It is the same as the sitar playing in the song.  You could also throw it in when u just hear the sitar…so you can just use it to mess around with.

G -------------------------------------------
D ---9---9h11--7-6-------7-6---------7-------
A --------------------9------7---------------
E --------------------------------10---9-7---

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