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/ Dashboard Confessional / A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar (2003) / Hands Down bass tab

Tabber - Reid Stuck (PapaRoachman1056) (

Dashboard Confessional- Hands Down

Thanks alot to emoedgebassist...i used everything you made except
i made a few minor changes...

i changed this based on the acoustic original hands down, which should
be exactly the same as the new version...what me and e.e.b. have written
sounds good to thanx again emoedgebassist!

listen for pauses in the verses and bridge

guitar intro (dont play)

Verse  (breathe in...) (the words are hushed...)

NOTE: Pause in the second verse consists of hitting one Ab, one Bb,
and finishing it out with 4 Db's and 4 D's then into the chorus.

Chorus   (my hopes are so high...)

Bridge   (hands down this is...)

Outro   (u'll get where it is. its where the song ends.)

Verse  x3
Chorus  x2
Verse  x3
Chorus  x2
Bridge  x6
Outro  x1

I made some minor changes to the version by emoedgebassist as i've said
like 50 times before...strumming/picking patterns aren't exact, i have
other stuff to do so i dont have time to put it exact but if your looking
at this then you should have enough common sense to figure out what to hit if you have any questions, comments, death threats, or if you
just wanna fight email me at

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