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/ Fear Factory / Demanufacture (1995) / Dog Day Sunrise bass tab

Artist:  Fear Factory
Song:  "Dog Day Sunrise"
Album:  "Demanufacture"
Label:  Roadrunner Records, copyright 1995, (The All-Blacks B.V.)

Dry Lung Vocal Martyr:  Burton C. Bell
Heavy Duty Scarifier:  Dino Cazares
Total Harmonic Distortion:  Christian Olde Wolbers
Maximum Effective Pulse Generator:  Raymond Herrera

Thanks a lot to Yani and Ray for giving me the opportunity to do this.

My name is Dimitrije Kostic and any questions about this tab or any 
others in the Fear Factory Tablature Archive can be emailed to me at
I will gladly investigate any possible errors in any tablature on this site.


This is the 6th track off "Demanufacture," and is Fear Factory's cover
of Head of David's "Dog Day Sunrise" (Note:  Justin Broadrick, drummer
for Head of David, was at one time the guitarist of Napalm Death.

You may notice that this tab differs slightly from the guitar tab.  I 
moved everything down the neck so that you could take advantage of the 
open strings, thus wearing out your fingers less.  Bassists should still 
take advantage of economy fingering, though.  It is very useful in Riff 
A.  Instead of moving your whole hand down to play the E note on the 2nd 
fret of the D string, try playing the 2nd fret on the E string with your 
middle finger, the 4th fret on the D string with your pinkie, and the 
2nd fret on the D string with your index finger.  Enjoy!

Tune all strings down a perfect fourth (B, E, A, D)

        H    -- hit-on
        P    -- pull-off
        ~~~~ -- vibrato
        A.H. -- Artificial Harmonic
        N.H. -- Natural Harmonic
	  /    -- slide up
	  \	 -- slide down

slow speed

Intro with synth effects, then drums come in, then bass plays...

Riff A:

             P         H         P

Riff B:


Song Structure:

Riff A 2 times
Riff B 28 times
Riff A 2 times
Riff B 12 times
Riff A 2 times

Riff A 4 times (without drums and with synth)
Riff A 2 times
Riff B 8 times
Riff A 2 times
Riff B 28 times
Riff A 4 times, end on a vibrating G and fade out

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