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/ From First to Last / Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount (2004) / Secrets Don't Make Friends bass tab

From First To Last ~ Secrets Don't Make Friends
Album: Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count
Track: #7
Tabbed By: nfgfreak182
Corrections Made By: flexomickey
--------------Drop D Tuning------------
G I----I
D I----I
A I----I
D I-0~-I

Pre Verse
G I------------------------------------I-----------------------------------------I
D I------------------------------------I-----------------------------------------I
A I------------------------------------I-----------------------------------------I
D I-0000--8888--10-10-10-10--12-12-12x-I-0000--8888--10-10-10-10--12-12-12-12-12-I

Verse 2x
G I--------2-3-2---------I--------2-3-2---------I---------2-3-2---------I---------2-3-2---------I
D I----2-3-------3-2-0-2-I----2-3-------3-2-0-2-I-----2-3-------3-2-0-2-I-----2-3-------3-2-0-2-I
A I----------------------I----------------------I-1-1-------------------I-1-1-------------------I
D I-00-------------------I-00-------------------I-----------------------I-----------------------I

Post Verse 2x
G I-------------------------------I
D I-------------------------------I
A I-------------------------------I
D I-000~-000~--77--888~--888~--77-I


Chorus 4x
G I-------------------------I
D I-------------------------I
A I-------------------------I
D I-88888888--777--10-10-10-I

Pre Verse Variation
G I-----------I-----------------------------------------I
D I-----------I-----------------------------------------I
A I-----------I-----------------------------------------I
D I-12-12-12x-I-0000--8888--10-10-10-10--12-12-12-12-12-I

Pre Verse
Verse 8x
Post Verse 2x
Chorus 4x

Bridge 8x
G I-----------------I---------------I
D I-----------------I-7-5-----------I
A I-----------------I-------8-7-5-7-I
D I-00x--00x--3-3-3-I---------------I

Bridge Ending
G I----I
D I----I
A I----I
D I-7/-I

Chorus 8x

Bridge 5x

G I-----------------I
D I-----------------I
A I-----------------I
D I-00x--00x--3-3-3-I
Any comments, questions email nfgfreak182@hotmail.

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