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/ Guns N' Roses / Use Your Illusion Vol. 1 (1991) / Perfect Crime bass tab

Song: Prefect Crime
Artist: Guns N' Roses
Album: Use Your Illusion I
Tabber: Niall 'Clitz' (
Tuning: G, D, A, E (Standard)
Note: some bits maybe wrong, but it sounds ok to me. As for the slides up the
fret board the numbers are just examples, its just a progression slide up.
if you use a pick, up and down picking is nessicary.

3h4 - Hammer on
3p0 - Pull Off
/   - Slide
.   - Staccato
~   - Let Note Ring


Riff 1 (kickin back in the shadows..) Fill before Riff 2

Riff 2                            Fill at end of Riff 2 (progession slightly)

play riff 1 again (repeat as nessiscary)

Chorus? 'Perfect Crime, mother fucker...'

Bridge (when axel starts singing fast and not so high)

'You Wanna Fuck With Me?' I'm unsure about this part..

play chorus at the end of this part

Bass Bridge (repeat as needed with a couple of variations)

Riff 3 (the part when that weird guy says something that sounds like Alice Cooper)



end by playing the riffs with some varitions such as slides up to the same
note on higher octaves and 'next door' hammering. thats just adlib though.


>From Clitz

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