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/ Guns N' Roses / Use Your Illusion Vol. 2 (1991) / Get In The Ring bass tab

Song: Get In The Ring
Artist: Guns N' Roses
Album: Use Your Illusion II
Tabber: Niall 'Clitz' (
Tuning: G, D, A, E (Standard)
Note: this is a basic version of 'Get In The Ring', its got some strange variations
in it which i cant quite figure out so these are mostly starting points.

3h4 - Hammer on
10p8- Pull Off
/   - Slide Up
\   - Slide Down
.   - Staccato
~   - Let Note Ring
/// - Progessive Slide = Sliding up the fret board whilst picking


|G|---------------------------------------| the verse has a few more variations in 
|D|*-------------------------------------*| it at times, but there nothing major
|A|*--------------------5--5-5--5-4h5p4--*| just Duff Adlibin'



the second pre-chorus has variations and cuts off at the 5~ above, no 5h6's
Duff does the variations with a suspected chorus effect, so I wouldnt bother with them
although just before the progression slide try a minor trill (8h10p8h10p8)

The bit that everyone loves (deep voice dood)
second time around try playing to the beat the guy is singing, staccatos etc.

ending of deep voice (these numbers may not be right, im at the computer now doing this
but you get the idea)

whilst that guy has a bitch bout the press you play some of the riffs above with variations
then when the bell rings play this

That little breakdown (This is pretty much wrong,sorry :( )

the rest is just above riffs, I'm hoping i can correct this a bit more, or if someone else
can add to it such as variations and so forth

until then, this is basic, enjoy
from clitz

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