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/ Pink Floyd / Relics (1971) / Julia Dream bass tab

Pink Floyd - Julia Dream
Standard Tuning (EADG)
Tabbed by: Donovan Faucher (

Intro 4x

Verse (When Vocals Start)
  Am          C    E    Am

Chorus (rhythm is easy to figure out)
Am            Dm               C       Em       Am
Julia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams

Sunlight bright upon my pillow
lighter than an eiderdown
wishing that the weeping-willow
winds its branches round

Julia dream
dream that queen
queen of all my dreams

Every night I turn the light out
waiting for the velvet bride
will the scaly armadillo
find me where I'm hiding

Will the misty master break me
will the key unlock my mind
will the following footsteps catch me
am I really dying

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1971 Relics
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