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/ The Ramones / Leave Home (1977) / California Sun bass tab

Song: California Sun
Artist: Ramones (though it's a cover...)
Intro and Main Played 4X

Which goes into Verse intro And Chorus outro...
E---------9999999 55 77---- 

and to the other guy that posted it: Wrong E, it was the Octave to what you posted.

The Ramones albums
2002 Don't Worry About Me
1995 Adios Amigos
1993 Acid Eaters
1992 Mondo Bizarro
1989 Brain Drain
1987 Halfway to Sanity
1986 Animal Boy
1985 Too Tough to Die
1983 Subterranean Jungle
1981 Pleasant Dreams
1981 Rock 'N' Roll High School
1980 End of the Century
1978 Road to Ruin
1977 Rocket to Russia
1977 Leave Home
1976 The Ramones
Leave Home tabs
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02Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment tabbass tab
03I Remember You tabbass tab
04Oh, Oh, I Love Her So tabbass tab
05Sheena Is a Punk Rocker tabbass tab
06Suzy Is a Headbanger tabbass tab
07Pinhead tabbass tab
08Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy tabbass tab
09Swallow My Pride tabbass tab
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11California Sun tabbass tab
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