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/ Smashing Pumpkins / Aeroplane Flies High (1996) / Set the Ray to Jerry bass tab

Song: Set the Ray to Jerry
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Album: 1979 Single
Tunning: Eb Ab Db Gb

Easy song...kind of cool bass line too.

Riff 1

After Riff 1 their is a small Fill I play this Fill up
on the 12th fret but you can use the 7th fret on the A
String if it would be easier for you. This is used throught the whole
song, if you miss it its no big deal. It will sound fine without it.

Fill 1    Here is what it would look like using A string 

This is the Chorus Part(During "And i want you, And i need you"  stuff)

Riff 2

After the chorus is over play a quick Fill 1 then go to Riff 1
If you decide to use the Fill it is used after you finish Riff 1
Everytime. After you play Riff 1 a couple of times Go to Riff 2
for the chorus. Right Before billy Sings "Well you say that you are
forever my star" Before that start into this Riff

Riff 3

After you play that Billy sings "Let roar these fears...." when he sings
that go back up to Riff 1(Note: using Fill 1 when needed) after that is 
played a bit billy will start in the Chorus when this happens play Riff 2.
Then he will sing "Well you say that you are..." When he sings this Play
Riff 3. End the Song with a Riff 2.

This tab was made by Nathan Amber. Send Questions/Comments to

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