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/ Smashing Pumpkins / Pisces Iscariot (1994) / Girl Named Sandoz bass tab

Song: Girl Named Sandoz
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Album: Pisces Iscariot
Tunning: E A D G

^ Means to Bend the String

Riff 1

Right after you play Riff 1 a couple of times you start
in with the main part of the song.. be sure to Bend the
F(8th fret on A string)

Riff 2

Before the sining begins you play Riff 2 for a Bit
then A very Fast Riff 3 is played...this is played
throught the song after a few times through Riff 2.
It is also played before Billy starts to sing
"Well i Met a Girl Called Sandoz"

Riff 3

After this is played you contiune to play Riff 2
When billy starts to sing "And she Taught me 
Many many things" Play a Riff 3 then go right to 
this Riff:

Riff 4

After Riff 4 Play Riff 1 then go straight into Riff 2
using Riff 3 When needed. The when Billy sings 
"Strange things....." Play Riff 1 but end on G(3rd fret
E String)

During the Sandoz Sandoz part Play nothing. Then enter 
With a Riff 1 after Riff 1 play Riff 2 using Riff 3
When needed. After that is played for a bit play Riff 4
a couple of times. Then play Riff 1 for a while, then 
go to Riff 2 again using Riff 3 when needed. Then play
Another Riff 4, go back to Riff 1 to Finish the song.

this tab was made by Nathan Amber. Send Questions 
and comments to:

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