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/ The Cure / Disintegration (1989) / Lullaby bass tab


Here's the bass tab for Lullaby by the cure FTH60:GDAE ; Generated by Fast Tab, do not erase
>From            : Shaun
Artist          : The Cure
Bass Performance: 
Comments:       : 
Strings: E,A,D,G

By the Cure
Submitted By Shaun
This is a simple song to play and it stays the same all the way through, the only 
problem, is that getting the rythem right can be a bit tricky.  Listen to the record 
and you should have no real problems though. 

  e  e  e  s  s  e  e  e    e  s  s  e  e  e  e  s  s  e  e  e  e  s  s  e

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