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/ The Cure / Staring At The Sea (The Singles) (1986) / A Forest bass tab

                      By THE cURE
Transcribed by: Le Vampyre, M.W., Psc (address varies)
          As of Jan, 13 '94  <>
The bass line to A Forest is pretty simple.  There isn't a whole lot to it.
To start with, we have the main guitar riff:
(Main Guitar Riff:)
E|>------------------    Eventually in the song, the drums come in.
B|>------------------    It's after two repeats of this guitar riff,
G|>------------------    AFTER the drums come in, that the Bass comes in
And in the Bass comes: On only two strings (Yes, those are repeat signs.)
||     G A A   G A A   A C C   A C C   E F F   E F F   C D D   C D D    ||
||* A>-------------------3-3-----3-3-------------------3-5-5---3-5-5-- *||
||* E>-3-5-5---3-5-5---5-------5-------0-1-1---0-1-1------------------ *||
||                                                                      ||
This bass line repeats (over and over and over) until in the "peakish"
feeling in the bridge (you can hear where) it changes into this:
I've written it parallel to the main line to show the timing relationship
between the two.  To end the song, just rapidly plung the A(fretted: E>-5-).
I'm not sure if there are any variations on the main bassline anywhere.
I didn't hear any striking or noticeable: Corrections always welcome.

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