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/ 10,000 Maniacs / The Wishing Chair (1985) / Tension Makes a Tangle guitar tab

Tension  -- 10,000 Maniacs

Tension  - Hope Chest

intro: Am,  D

G              Bm          Am           C
Frail hinges pivot on a case's door commemorative 
G               Bm
souvernirs from places
	Am            C
containers change with each occasion

(same as above)
cellophane encased displaying paper
certificate credit years of service
a tool of central enterprises
the early hope for permanence
the words the rings consistency
and social security the miracles high tragedy

Am		    D	      G
a thought mistaken for a memory 
dress lengths assassinations
Am		D	     G         C   Am  D
fractured family ties and christenings

(same as first verse)
local posts will list you friends
in order of disappearance lawn scattered
tins feed birds the portion baked
for absent guests the mass edition icon 
god send comfort your salvation but who
grants absolution for sins that never
were committed
tension makes a tangle of 
eacht thought becomes inconvenience
sound never penetrates the servile
edges break and faint

(same as above)
a thought mistaken for a memory clear 
the dust from smiles in boxes pass
the patterned wall recall their voices.

hope this helps someone. please make additions/ corrections if need be. 
fantastic if you could add the solo.


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