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/ ABBA / Abba (1975) / Bang-A-Boomerang guitar tab

"Bang A Boomerang".

Here's the riff that plays at the beginning and throughout the song:

(B) 6 8 5/6 8 5 6-------- 6 8 10 10 8
(G) 7 9-------   then

(B) 6 8 5/6 8 5 6------ 8 10 (E) 8 8----


VERSE: (C)Makin (Bb)somebody happy is a question of give and take (F)
You can learn (Bb) how to show it so come on give yourself a break (F)
(Dm)Every smile every little touch(A)
(Dm)Don't you know that it means so much (G7)
(Gm)Sweet sweet kisses so tender
Always will return to sender (C)like a

CHORUS:  (F)Bang a boomer boome(C)rang dum mi dum dum(Gm)
Mi (C7)dum mi dum dum a bang a (F)boomer boomerang
Love(Gm) is a tune you hum mi (C7)hum hum

By givin(F) away I think(Eb) you'll learn
(Bb)You'll get love in return     so(G7) bang  (F)
A boomer(C) boomerang is love a(Bb) boomer boomerang(C7) Is love(Bb)

BRIDGE:   And if you're warm (F)and tender   I'll kiss(Bb) you (F)
Return (C)to sender,    please (D)surrender

(G)Bang a boomer (D)boomerang
Dum (Am)mi dum dum mi (D7)dum mi dum dum a
(G)Bang a boomer (D)boomerang is love   (C)
A (D)boomer boomerang is (G)love.

VERSE 2:  Love is always around and you can look for it anywhere. When you
feel that you've found it my advice is to take good care. Never use it as a
selfish tool, never ever be such a fool. Every feeling you're showing, is a
boomerang you're throwing.


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