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/ ABBA / Abba (1975) / Ring Ring guitar tab



I  was sitting by the phone,   I was waiting all alone


Baby by myself and sit and wait and wonder about you.


It's a dark and dreary night, seems like nothing's going right.


Won't you tell me honey how can I go on here without you.


Yes I'm down and feeling blue, and I don't know what to do, oh….


A                                                      E7

Ring   Ring   why don't you give me a call


Ring   Ring  the happiest sound of them all.


Ring   Ring  I stare at the phone on the wall.


And I sit all alone impatiently, won't you please


Understand the need in me, so


Ring   Ring   why don't you give me a call.

Verse 2:  I was here and now you're gone, hey did I do something wrong?  I just can't believe that I
 could be so badly mistaken.  Was it me or was it you, tell me are we really through? Won't you hear
 me cry and will you know that my heart is breaking.  Please forgive and then forget, or maybe darli
ng maybe yet…

The guitar throughout the song copies most of the bass line.

Guitar during A chord in the verse:


D                4   2             2

A       0  4            0   4


Guitar during the D chord in the verse:

G                 2

D    0    4



The chorus riff in A:  The chorus riff in E

A:   0  4  5  6  7  0      E:   0  4  5  6  7  0

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