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/ ABBA / Arrival (1976) / Knowing Me, Knowing You guitar tab

G / Em / / /Bm /G(III) / A(V) / / / / /

D  Em   Em7  Bm7        F#m
No more care free laughter

D  Em    Em7  Bm7   F#m
Si-lence ev - er af-ter

Walking through an empty house

            Asus4  A  Asus2 A     Asus4  A Asus2 A
Tears in my eyes

This is where the story ends

            Bm / / / Bm (stop)
This is goodbye

Tecet      G(III)  A(V)
Knowing me Knowing you

There is nothing we can do

           G       A
Knowing me knowing you

                             D    G     A
We just gave to face it this time we're through

D            F#m         G (III) A (V)
    Breaking up is never easy I  know

      D    G  A
But I have to go

        D          G
Knowing me knowing you

         A          D
It's the best I can do

Guitar Break 1
D / Bm / F#m / / / G / / / A / / /

D / Bm / F#m / / / G / / / A / / /

Verse 2.

Memories, good days, bad days
They'll be with me always
In these old familiar rooms
Childeren would play
Now there's only emptiness
Nothing to say

Knowing me knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me knowing you
We just have to face it  this time we're through
Breaking up is never easy I know but I have to go
Knowing me knowing you it's the best I can do

Guitar break 2

D / Bm / F#m / / / G / / / A / / /

D / Bm / F#m / / / G / / / A / / /

A / Bm / / / / / A / Bm

Knowing me knowing you ıı.etc

Guitar break

Fade (or finish on arpeggiated D chord)

Guitar break

    D  Bm   F#m            G           A                    D Bm  F#m            G           A



The timing of the chord changes in the intro isn't difficult, but takes a bit of getting used to.
This is in the key of D, the same as Abba's recording,  so play along to the CD.

Use the First Position A chords for the end of line 4 in the verse

Asus4          A           Asus2
X0223X       X0222X       X0220X

Play the barrı versions of the G and A chords in posotions III and V where shown and emphasise the bass.

  G             A
355422       577655

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