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/ ABBA / Ring Ring (1973) / People Need Love guitar tab

People need love
Intro chord: B

CHORUS:   People need hope (B)People need lovin  (E)
People need trust (F#)from a fellow man  (B)
People need love to make a good livin  (E)
People need faith (F#)in a helping hand.  (B)

VERSE:  (B)Man has always wanted a woman by his(E) side to keep
(F#)Him company.   (B)Women always knew that it takes a man
(E)To get matrimony (F#)and harmony. (B)Everybody(F#) knows(B) that a
(E)Man who's feeling down wants some female sympathy.(F#)   (B)
Gotta have love (B)to carry on living  (E)
Gotta have love (F#)for eternity.  (B)

Chorus - then verse 2, then chorus to end

VERSE 2: Flowers in a desert need a drop of rain like a woman needs her man
If a man's in love and his woman wants the moon
Then he'll take it down if he can
Somebody who loves you and somebody who cares
Isn't that what you call a friend
Gotta have love to carry on living
Isn't it easy to understand.


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