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/ Aerosmith / Get Your Wings (1974) / Spaced guitar tab

                      Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:37:02 +0000 

Hi there!

Here u have "Spaced" to complete the Get Your Wings album. Canęt figure out why nobody have ever transcribed this before, I think itęs one of the greatest Aero-tunes. Itęs in chord format if thatęs OK.
Must say that your page kicks bottoms.


Karl-Johan Svensson

#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Song: Spaced
Album: Get Your Wings
Transcribed by: Karl-Johan Svensson (
Comment: Hope youęll enjoy this damn fine Aerosmith tune. Got any questions then
         mail me.

D#, G#
D, G

G         A
Spaced in time
D        Bb
Child of nine
F            E            A
Doin' twenty years on the way
G        A
Fire and steel
D       Bb
Earth unreal
F            E         A
Find another planet to stay
G    A
Papa died
D     Bb
Ma survived
F          E           C
Tellin' me about her ordeal
        Bb                 A
And the soul she could not feel
            F#   D   Bb A G
'Cause they made her so unreal

G         A
Lightnin' years
D   Bb
F              E           A
Twenty million years on my brain
G     A
D   Bb
F                   E       C
Tryin' to keep from goin' insane
       Bb             A
And my soul I can not feel
            F#   D  Bb A G
'Cause they made me so unreal

A (C#, D, C#, F, E, E) x4
G                                                A (C#, D, C#, F, E, E x2)
Spaced enough to know I feel there's nothin' out there
G                                           A (C#, D, C#, F, E, E x2)
Spaced enough to know I feel I really don't care
G                                          F    Bb, E, A, D, G
Spaced enough to feel I'm really losin' my mind

A, C x7

        C      F      G      E      D# D       G    Bb
And I'm never, never, never, never, ever goin' back
            D     Bb
I'm off the track
F           E         A
No one even knows I'm alive
G      Bb
          D     Bb
Without a trace
F               E       C
Waitin' for the word to arrive
        Bb             A
I'm the last man to survive

A, C x7

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