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/ Aerosmith / Just Push Play (2001) / Avant Garden guitar tab


J U S T  P U S H  P L A Y

A V A N T  G A R D E N
Here's a really cool track off aerosmith's new album.  This is only the first verse and the chorus, but the lyrics printed in the cd booklet are way to mixed up for me to figure out!  All the verses are pretty much the same, it's starts out with acoustic and then an electric guitar jumps in but the rhythm and tempo stay the same throughout the whole song.

A			     G      D
I had a friend who spoke of fate and he
A	                    G       D
knew of a better place in space and time
A                  G   D
he told how me and my lady 
D			     G
would look but we would never find
A			     G      D
said if you please i beg your pardon
A			      G      D
sometimes the things you see just ain't so
A		       G      D
your life can be an avant garden
D			    G
cuz love's what make your garden grow


A		  D
The sun leads the way 
G		A
the moon lights the sky
D	      G
I see you and I
D         G        A
Lying in my avant garden
A               D
I dream of the day
G               D
when our worlds colide
D               G 
We won't be denied
D            G         A 
Here inside our avant garden

And so on...


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