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/ A.F.I. / Very Proud of Ya (1996) / Wake-Up Call guitar tab

                           WAKE UP CALL - A.F.I

By: Phil (

     D   F   Bb  C   A   B   G                                  

Intro: D, D
       D, F, Bb   X2

Verse: D, F, Bb, C, A, C   X2

Chorus: D, F, Bb, C   X2



Ending: D, F, Bb, C   X4 (on 4th repitition don't play F)
        F, B, D, G    X4 (every 2nd repitition don't play G)

Bass solo

        D, F, Bb, C   X4 (on 4th repitition don't play F)

        End on D


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