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/ Ataris / Anywhere But Here (1997) / Lately guitar tab

                              Lately - The*Ataris

I just stumbled across how to play this song the other night.  It's so easy to
play I can't believe I didn't discover it sooner.  This is one of my favorite
Ataris songs!

Chords Used:
	D	A	B	G

D			   A
Lately I've been feeling a little bit neglected.
        B 				     G
When it comes to your ex-boyfriends, well, I guess I'm overprotective.
         D			 A				G
But it's nothing personal I just wanted you to tell me that you cared.
D			       A	
Lately I've been contemplating jumping in the ocean.

B (hit B once and stop-pickscrape) G     G     G G (four quick strums of G)
Sometimes even Spock would show a little more emotion!
     D			  A				  G
It's you that I want, and lately it feels like you're not there.

D        A
I try to let it out
  B			   G                D
I bitch, cry, moan, whine, scream and shout today,
        A                       B        G                     D
but the wall wouldn't listen to me!  Why wouldn't it listen to me?
                   A      D                G               D
I'm sick of always cryin' I don't wanna be sick of trying,
           A              G
but you've got to want me too.

D 			      A	
Lately I've been hoping for a little bit of affection.
    B					     G
Sometimes I wish that you had come with your own set of directions.
  D				 A				G
I guess it's not that easy but I hope that you still love me anyway
D  				   A
Lately I've been thinkin' 'bout takin' a vow of silence.
     B  			 G
I've never seen a monk result in any acts of violence.
   D			   A				G
Or maybe I'll just cry and hope you come around again today.

Repeat chorus and end on D

This tab is found only on The Complete Ataris Guitar Tablature Archive at:

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