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/ Ataris / So Long, Astoria (2003) / So Long, Astoria guitar tab

So Long, Astoria
By: the Ataris

D --- x577xx
Db/D  x477xx
Bm --- x2443x
A ---- 577xxx
G ---- 355xxx
Gb --- 244xxx
E ---- 022xxx

INTRO -  D     Db/D       Bm       A

D                                   G                     B
It was the first snow of the season  i can almost see you breathin
in the middle of that empty street

 Sometimes i still see myself in that lonesome bedroom
playin my guitar      and singing songs of hope    for a better future

E          Gb       G
         life is    only

as good as the memories we make
Bm                 A
and i'm taking back what belongs to me
E	Gb	     G
polaroids of classrooms unattended
these relics of remembrence
are just like shipwrecks
only theyre gone faster
                G	        A
than the smell after it rains

(intro chords)

last night while everyone was sleepin     i tripped through my old neighborhood
and resurrected memories from ashes

we said that we would never
we were really just like them
does rebellion ever make a difference

BRIDGE CHORDS: D   Bm   A    G   A

D	Db/D
So long Astoria
Bm	      A
i found a map to buried treasure
E           		    A	                       D
and even if we come home empty handed    well still have our stories
     Db/D	    Bm	          A
of battle scars, pirate ships and wounded hearts,
E		           A
broken bones, and all the best of friendships

D		Db/D
and when this hourglass    has filtered out
Bm	    A
its final grain of sand
E		                A
i raise my glass to the memories we had

this is my wish
this is my wish

im takin back
im takin them all back

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