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/ Atreyu / Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002) / Lip Gloss and Black guitar tab

the intro. and a big part the verse of this song is done with a tap solo. itís not very hard if you know how to do taps well. anyway this tap is done by placing one finger (on one hand) on the 5th fret...tapping and pulling off one finger (on the other hand) on the 12th fret...and putting another finger (on the one hand) on the 8th fret. this is 100% correct.

drop C tuning


the lead guitar repeats this for almost a minute before playing along with the rhythm guitar. I havenít figured out the rhythm guitar part yet so if anyone knows it e-mail me at and ill add it. no need to send      mail.......unless you suck and cant play taps or read tabs.

Atreyu albums
2004 The Curse
2002 Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
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