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/ Backstreet Boys / Backstreet Boys (1996) / As Long as You Love Me guitar tab

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From: "Richmond State School"
Subject: b/backstreet_boys/
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 11:17:00 PDT

As long as you love me - Back Street Boys
Transcribed: Dirk Cushenbery (

All the [am]lonliness has always been a [F]friend of mine
I'm [G]leaving my life in your [C]hand
[am]People say I'm crazy and that [F]I am blind
[G]Risking it all on a [C]chance

[am]How you got me blind is still a [F]mystery
I [G]can't get you out of my [C]head
[am]Don't care what is written in your [F]history
as [G]long as you're here with [C]me

I don't care [F]who you are, [C]where you're from
[am]What you did, as [G]long as you love me
[F]Who you are, [C]where you're from,
Don't care [F]what you [C/E]did as long[dm] as you [G]love me

[am]Every little thing that you have[F] said and done
[G]Feels like it's deep within [C]me
[am]Doesn't really matter if you're [F]on the run
It [G]seems like we're menat to [C]be


I [am]try to hide it so that [C]no one knows
But I guess [F]it shows when you look [G]into my [am]eyes
What you did and where you're [C]coming from ([f#dim7]I don't care)
as[F] long as you[G] love me[C]

CHORUS  2 xs

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