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/ The Beatles / Abbey Road (1969) / Sun King guitar tab

title: sun king
artist: The Beatles (Lennon and McCartney)
transcribed by Noam Klier

(each line represents 4 bars)
A   E
A   E
A6   A6   A6  A6       A6   A7   Amaj7  E

Dm          ahhh    (2 bars)

C            Em                Gm7       A
Here      come    the    sun         king

C            Em                Gm7        A
Here      come    the    sun         king

F                                    D           F                                 D
      Everybody's     laughing           Everybody's     happy

C            Em                Gm7        F         (notice the change)
Here      come    the    sun         king

A   E               here they sing in Italian. 
A   E               understand me for not writing the words.
A   E

This song turns immediatly to MEAN MR. MUSTARD with no break
in between.

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