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/ The Beatles / Please Please Me (1963) / Misery guitar tab

{st:The Beatles}


    F                             G    C          Am       G
       The world is treat-ing me bad   Mi-se-ry

I[C]'m the kind of g[F]uy    who ne[C]ver used to c[F]ry
The wo[F]rld is treating me b[G]ad    mi[C]sery   [A]
I've l[C]ost her now for s[F]ure    I w[C]on't see her no m[F]ore
It's go[F]nna be a d[G]rag       mi[C]sery

I[Am]'ll remember all the little th[C]ings she's done

-|-----------------------------   (piano on the released version...
-|-----------------------------   this was a guitar part in many
-|-----------------------------   early recordings.  Also, this riff
-|--5--3--2--------------------   was repeated over the lyrics 
-|-----------5--3--2-----------   "lonely one" in some early recordings 
-|--------------------5--3-----   I've heard)

Sh[Am]e'll remember and she'll miss her o[G]nly one   lon[G7]ely one

S[C]end her back to [F]me   'Cos ev[C]eryone can s[F]ee 
Wit[F]hout her I will [G]be   in mi[C]sery

{c:Repeat from middle}

Wit[F]hout her I will [G]be   in m[C]isery ([Am]oh)      
My mi[C]sery ([Am]la la la la la la)   m[C]isery   [Am]   

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