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/ The Beatles / White Album (1968) / Sexy Sadie guitar tab

"Sexy Sadie" words Lennon/Mc Cartney
Perfomed by THE BEATLES
on the: The White Album, 1998
from: Francisco Marin []

SEXY SADIE is a beautiful and great song that is easly to play. Heard the CD
for better comprehension and take to joy to play it. Thanks to Ole Christian
Engkrog for his remark about this sound. "Sexy Sadie" is too me one of the
greatest song I've ever heard. Also, he wrote chords of Real Love. One last
thing, I work presently a littles bit of guitar that listend before the fade,
ie with the chords at the end. Now! play an let you take away by the song.
PEACE on Earth for everyboby!

        G 3-5-5-4-3-3          F# 2-4-4-3-2-2           Am 5-7-7-5-5-5  
        C X-3-2-0-1-0           F 1-3-3-2-1-1           Bm 7-9-9-7-7-7
        D 0-0-0-3-2-3         A#m X-2-4-4-3-4           C2 8-10-10-9-8-8

	Play the little arpeggio with chord:


       G     F#    A#m
        Sexy Sadie    what have you done

       C           D             G    F#
        You made a  fool of everyone

       C           D             G    F#
        You made a  fool of everyone

             F       D
        Sexy Sadie ooh what have you done

        Sexy Sadie you broke the rules
        You layed it down for all to see
        You layed it down for all to see
        Sexy Sadie oooh you broke the rules

       G                  Am                      Bm     C2
        One sunny day the world was waiting for a lover

       G           Am                  Bm     C2
        She came along to turn on everyone

       Am              G#               G
        Sexy Sadie the greatest of them all

        Sexy Sadie how did you know
        The world was waiting just for you
        The world was waiting just for you
        Sexy Sadie oooh how did you know

        Sexy Sadie you'll get yours yet
        However big you think you are
        However big you think you are
        Sexy Sadie oooh you'll get yours yet
        We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table
        Just a smile would lighten everything
        Sexy Sadie she's the latest and the greatest of them all

        G F# A#m C D G F#

       C           D            G    F#
        She made a fool of everyone

       F           D
        Sexy Sadie

        G F# A#m C D G F#

       C        D                 G    F#
        However big you think you are

       F           D
        Sexy Sadie

        G F# A#m C D G F# F D ... (and fade)

        Any comments or corrections are welcome, just é-mail me...
	Sainte-Foy, Québec, Canada.

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