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/ The Beatles / With the Beatles (1963) / All My Loving guitar tab

ALL MY LOVING- The Beatles
From: Harlan L Thompson 

            F#m           B7
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you
   E           C#m
Tomorrow I'll miss you
    A           F#m       D   B7
Remember I'll always be true
           F#m        B7
And then while I'm away
            E          C#m
I'll write home every day
           A           B7        E
And I'll send all my loving to you

I'll pretend that I'm kissing 
the lips I am missing
And hope that my dreams will come true
And then while I'm away
I'll write home every day
And I'll send all my loving to you

         C#m   C+             E
All my loving I will send to you
          C#m    C+             E
All my loving, darling I'll be true


         C#m            E
All my loving, all my loving ...

C+: x 3 2 1 1 0

(from With The Beatles, 1963)
(sent by Harlan at

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