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/ Beck / One Foot in the Grave (1994) / Sleeping Bag guitar tab

Artist: Beck
Album: One Foot in the Grave
guitar tuned down 1/2 step

A C# D A G# D A

guitar 2 follows the chords lazily on slide:

G ------5---------9------------10----------5-- etc.

A            C#
open up the door
         D                   A
lay the orange juice on the floor
               G#            D             A
we're having a picnic on the ugly part of town 

the sleeping bags on fire
and its getting down to the wire
so grab a sofa spot and settle down awhile 

cause its getting hard to think
and my clothes are starting to shrink
and the moon is sagging down like a metal ball

and the world is a holiday
smoking in an old ashtray
they just blow it out their nose and say ok

so lets try to make this last
the past is still the past
and tomorrow is just another crazy scam

(repeat first verse)

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