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Blind Melon - Drive
Submitted By: face of today

 E      A      E/B    D      E5     B      D(add E) C#m7
022100 x02220 x22100 xx0232 022000 024442 000252   046456


Begin with: E      A                  E/B  A E/B  D E5

   His feet are dirty and his face, his face is long

And while hes peeking out

Through his hair he hides the pain

                                     B    E   D(addE)
Till that Lennon song comes along

C#m7                           E/B
     Hell turn it off and say     can you drive?

E  D(add E) C#m7 E/B  E      D(add E) C#m7                E/B
                     Drive                 can you drive?

E       D(add E) C#m7            E
Drive                 can you drive

D     D#  E           D          D#          E
Jimmy,    we need to borrow this for a minute
Cause we need to escape

  Now theres so many things that

Hes gonna do in 5 lifetimes

Hell I couldn't do em all

And while hes rolling his own smokes

He says to me hes buying a new ride today

A classic deal the boss will give

            A    E/B             D E5
He said the same thing two weeks ago

(2nd Verse)
Youve seen that sweaty jet rag
Feeling come over him, and Ive
Seen that boy nod into a dream a time or two
And on his way out his glazed stare
Will make you stop and wonder
Hey William is that the last time
Im gonna look at you?
But the next day the phone will ring
And it will be him. Can you drive?

What would you say

D    DE#       E
What would you do

D   D#      e
Or should I   pray?

D  D#     E                  D     D#  E
Or do you    think that this blind       mind

      D      D#  E     D  D# E    D D# E  D D#E  D D# E
would listen to me,    an-y-way