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Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 13:52:58 EDT
Subject: b/blind_melon/

Band: Blind Melon
Album: Nico
Song: Hell

 This is the first time I've sent in a file. But I wanted to share this great
song with you all. So here goes!!

  [E} - [A] - [F#m] - [B] - [A] - [G]

[E]        [A]
I have no fingertips
              [F#m]                         [B}     [A]      [G]
They were burned away from too many stove trips
[E]              [A]
Can't find no fingernail 
   [F#m]                      [B]       [A]   [G]
I ate them off cause I'm hungry as Hell
[E]                    [A]
Can't read, can't clear my mind
     [F#m]                   [B] [A]   [G]   [E]   [A] [F#m]              
So here I go I've got to get into this lifetime
[E]                    [A] 
I think im gonna build a fence 
     [F#m]               [B]  [A] [G]
To keep inside what little sense
[E]                       [A]
The sense of taste,The sense of smell
     [F#m]                       [B]   [A]  [G] [E] [A] [F#m] 
The sense to sit here and feel like hell
[B]    [A]  [G]  
Feel like hell 
[E] [A] [F#m] [B] [A] [G] x4

{This part slows down}
[E]         [A]    
The sun, the moon, the stars
[F#m]                [B]            [A]   [G]
Is that what your thinkin that you are
[E]                            [A]
Cause I'll disintergrate over time
   [F#m]                             [B]        [A]   [G] [E] [A] [F#m]       
If I expect my body to try to keep up with my mind
[B]             [A]     [G]    [E]  
Today everythings mine
[B]             [A]     [G]    [E]
Today everythings mine
[B]             [A]     [G]    [E]
Today everythings mine

{Here it speeds up again}

Thats about it hope it helps someone!! Any questions or comments welcome

Jay Gucciardo