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Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 11:14:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: b/blind_melon/the_pusher.crd

	 Here it is!!! YAY!! the dot above some of the chords means
that you play that particular chord staccato. Listen to the record too, to 
get the exact way to play it 
                             .     .
	CHORDS (verse):	E E EE GGGGG (and repeat)

	Lyrics: Snowflakes running over my hair, goosebumpin'g leather.
		If I'm, Hungry! at four thirty in the morning,
		thank god will deliver

		And I'm OH! so tired!
		with you pushin' that on the ground 
		down under my head so hard
		my knees are two inches in the ground
		and I said,

	Chorus: (chords: D DDD A) 
		God damn!
		God damn that bible pushin' man!

	verse 2: (the main guitar rhythm is played for this verse too and
you begiun playing it on the word "man" in the last line of the chorus)
		You know I've,
		smoked a lot of grass 
		and I've,
		and I've popped a lot of pills
		but I ain't never done nothing,
		that my spirit couldn't kill
		and I,
		walk around
		with these tombstones in my eyes!
		but I know the pusher don't care
		If you live or if you die

		and I said,

		God damn...
		God damn, God damn, God damn, God damn!!!!!

		then the solo rips in, I've never tried to tab it though

			Have fun with this beautiful, fun, and extremely
		rockin' song

					Justin Martell