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/ Blue Oyster Cult / Secret Treaties (1974) / Astronomy guitar tab


Here is Astronomy for you Blue Oyster Cult fans. (Older version off Album 3)

h = hammer on
p = pull off
O = Open


Intro to Astronomy : Song is in the Key of G
                                                       Softly strumming Up/Down

No chord                                               Em EmEm Em EmEm


    Em                       D                C      Bm             Em
The clock strikes twelve and moon drops burst out of you from their hiding

            Em                 D                  C      Bm       Em
place. Like acid and oil on a mad man's face, his reason tends to fly away.

     C                   G                C                 B           Em
Like lesser birds on the four winds; like silver scrapes in May.    And now

            D              C       Bm       Em
the sands become a crust.  Most of you have gone away.

Note: The way I play the Em chord ( the others are played similarly ) is

to play like an arpeggio ie.: Hold the Em chord O22OOO and play the B

note (5th str. 2nd fret) then the E (6th open) the B again with the

E optional (4th str. 2nd fret) and then strum the Em chord up (or down.)

using the first 3 strings in the open position while ringing the bass notes.

Second small leads (pull off 7to5 if you prefer)

           D       C                E         D       C           D

Chords not individual notes ( optional Em C D using open string strums )
alternate up and down strumming.

Em(7th fret bar)    C (3rd fret bar)   D (5th fret bar)   Em (7th fret)

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