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/ Bob Dylan / The Basement Tapes (1975) / Ain't No More Cane guitar tab

Ain't No More Cane
Trad. (see The Band site for references and additional verses)
Played by Bob Dylan at the second Gaslight show (late October 1962)
Tabbed by Eyolf ěstrem


Capo 4th fret (sounding key E major)

One of the "special effects" here is the rhythm: square, and with all the strings
left open before every strong beat (see the outro for an example).


C             F           C
Ain't no more cane on the Brazos
C   D7     G  G6  G7
Oh, oh, oh,
C               F        C
Its done ground all to molasses
F   G   C

C                   F        C
Shoulda been on the river in 1910
C   D7  G  G6
G7        C           F     C         Am
They were driving the women just like men.
D7 F  G   C

C                   F        G  C
Shoulda been on the river in 1905
C             F         C  Am
Find yourself lucky to be alive

   C        F                 G       C
Go down Old Hannah, don't you rise no more
C          F        G        C
 Don't you rise til Judgment Day

      C        G          C
Ain't no more cane on the Brazos
C                      F        C      Am
They've done ground it all to molasses

  F       G         C       F     C
  :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .   .
  m  -  m-m -   m - mm.

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