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/ Bob Dylan / Planet Waves (1974) / Dirge guitar tab

Dirge  -  Bob Dylan

Gm   Cm   Gm   Cm

Dm                       Gm   Dm                             Gm
I hate myself for lovin' you  And the weakness that I showed ...
Dm              Gm                      Dm               Am
You were just a painted face  On a trip down Suicide Road.
Bb                     Dm                       Gm
The stage was set, the lights went out  All around the old hotel
Bb                       Eb             Bb       Cm        Gm
I hate myself for lovin' you  And I'm glad the curtain fell.

Dm                  Gm              Dm                    Gm
I hate that foolish game we played  And the need that was expressed
Dm                     Gm           Dm                 Am
And the mercy that you showed to me Whoever would have guessed
Bb                  Dm              Gm
I went out on Lower Broadway  And I felt that place within
     Bb                 Eb                Bb     Cm        Gm
That hollow place where martyrs weep  And angels play with sin

Dm                  Gm       Dm              Gm
Heard your songs of freedom  And man forever stripped
Dm             Gm               Dm            Am
Acting out his folly  While his back is being whipped
Bb              Dm          Gm
Like a slave in orbit  He's beaten 'til he's tame
Bb                 Eb              Bb     Cm     Gm
All for a moment's glory  And it's dirty, rotten shame

Dm                          Gm          Dm             Gm
There are those who worship loneliness  I'm not one of them
Dm             Gm          Dm                  Am
In this age of fiberglass  I'm searching for a gem
Bb                         Dm           Gm
The crystal ball up on the wall  Hasn't shown me nothing yet
Bb                     Eb               Bb        Cm     Gm
I've paid the price of solitude  But at least I'm out of debt

Dm             Gm            Dm               Gm
Can't recall a useful thing  You ever did for me
Dm                  Gm             Dm               Am
'Cept pat me on the back one time  When I was on my knees
Bb                          Dm         Gm
We stared into each other's eyes  'Til one of us would break
Bb        Eb              Bb         Cm       Gm
No use to apologize  What diff'rence would it make

Dm                     Gm            Dm          Gm
So sing your praise of progress  And of the Doom Machine
Dm                 Gm          Dm                 Am
The naked truth is still tabu  Whenever it can be seen
Bb            Dm                 Gm
Lady Luck who shines on me  Will tell you where I'm at
Bb                Eb                Bb         Cm   Gm
I hate myself for lovin' you  But I should get over that


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