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/ Bob Dylan / Planet Waves (1974) / Something There Is About You guitar tab

Something There Is About You  -  Bob Dylan
('Planet waves' album)

G                            C      Am                   G
Something there is about you  That strikes a match in me.
G                             C                      Am              G
Is it the way your body moves  Or is it the way your hair blows free.
Bm                      Em     C                     Am
Or is it because you remind me  Of somethin' that used to be
                             G7     C    Am               G
Somethin' that's crossed over        From another century.

G                             C        Am                   G
Thought I'd shaken the wonder  And the phantoms of my youth.
G                             C                     Am         G
Rainy days on the Great Lakes  Walkin' the hills of old Duluth.
Bm                     Em      C                Am                          G
There was me and Danny Lopez  Cold eyes, black night and then there was Ruth
                            G7   C                  Am                  G
Somethin' there is about you      That bring back a long forgotten truth.

G                    C            Am             G
Suddenly I found you  And the spirit in me sings.
G                             C               Am       G
Don't have to look no further  You're the soul of many things.
Bm                      Em       C                     Am                  G
I could say that I'd be faithful  I could say it in one sweet, easy breath.
                                G7   C            Am                    G
But to you that would be cruelty      And to me it surely would be death.

G                            C      Am                        G
Something there is about you  That moves with style and grace.
G                    C                 Am           G
I was in a whirlwind   Now I'm in some better place.
Bm               Em            C          Am             G
My hand's on the sabre  And you've picked up on the baton
                            G7           C          Am               G
Somethin' there is about you     That I can't quite put my finger on.


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