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/ Bob Dylan / Self Portrait (1970) / In Search of Little Sadie guitar tab

In Search of Little Sadie
Words and music Bob Dylan
Released on Self Portrait (1970)
Tabbed by Eyolf ěstrem

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G . A . G . . . . . . .

Went out last night just to take a little round.
I met my little Sadie and I brought her down.
I ran right home and I went to bed
With a forty-four smokeless under my head.

I began to think what a deed I'd done.

I grabbed my hat and I began to run.

I made a god run but I ran too slow;
They overtook me down in Jericho

Standing on a corner I's ringin' my bell,
Up stepped the sheriff from Thomasville.
   G                            G#
He says 'Young man is your name Brown?
Remember you blowed Sadie down."

[from this point there is some kind of regular rhythm]

"Oh yes sir, my name is Lee.
  I murdered little Sadie in the first degree.
  First degree and second degree.
          Bm                      F#
If you've got any papers will you serve them to me?"

          D                          A
Well they took me down town and they dressed me in black,
     G                          D
They put me on a train and they sent me back.
I had no one for to go my bail;
     G                        D               |: Dsus4 D Dsus2 D   :|
They crammed me back into the county jail.

Oh, yes they did.

Now, the judge and the jury they took their stand.
    F                           Fm
The judge had the papers in his right hand.
C               Am
Forty-one days, forty-one nights;
F         Fm
Forty-one years to wear the ball and the stripes;

Oh, no!

     C                 Am
Went out last night to take a little round.
  Em                     G7
I met little Sadie and I blowed her down.
  C                    Em
I ran right home and I went to bed,
  F                      Dm  Fm C
A forty-four smokeless under my head.

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