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/ Bob Marley / One Love -The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers (2001) / Could You Be Loved guitar tab


{st:(Bob Marley)}
	{c: chorus}
	[Eb]......[Eb]Could you be l[Cm]oved [Cm]...... [Ab].........[Ab]and be l[Eb]oved? [Eb](twice)
	Don't[Cm] let them fool you [Cm]......[Fm]......[Fm]......[Fm]......[Fm]
	[Cm]or [Cm]even try to [Cm]school you,[Cm]......[Fm]......[Fm]
	Oh, no![Fm]......[Fm]......[Cm]......[Cm]We've [Cm]got a mind of our [Cm]own
	So [Ab]go to hell if [Cm]what you're thinking is not [Fm]right[Fm]
	[Cm]......[Cm]Love would [Cm]never leave us al[Cm]one.
	In the [Ab]darkness there [Gm]must come out the [Bb]light.[Bb]
	{c: (chorus)}
	The [Cm]road of life is [Cm]rocky
	and [Cm]you may stumble [Cm]too.
	So [Cm]while you point your [Cm]fingers
	someone [Cm]else is judging [Cm]you.
	{soc}{c: twice}
	[Cm]Could you be, could you be, [Cm]could you be loved?
	[Cm]Could you be, could you be [Cm]loved?
	{eoc}			    Cm
	Don't let them change you,
	or even rearrange you.
	Oh, no!............We've got a life to live
	They say only, only,
	only the fittest of the fittest shal survive,
	stay alive.
	{c: (chorus)}
	You ain't gonna miss your water
	until you well runs dry.
	No matter how you treat him,
	the man will never be satisfied.
	Could you be, could you be, could you be loved?
	Could you be, could you be loved?
	say something...

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