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/ Bryan Adams / MTV Unplugged (1996) / When You Love Someone guitar tab

File work of Ephis

Intro:(Am - G - C) 2times

Verse 1:

         C                    G
When you love some, you'll do anything
          Am7                  G         F
You'll do all the crazy things, that you can't explain
       C              Am   F
You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun,
         C              G   G/A   G/B
When you love someone.

Verse 2:(same as before)

You'll deny the truth, believe a lie
There'll be times that you believe, that you can really fly
But your lonely nights, have just begun,
When you love someone


            Am          Am7           C   
   When you love someone, you feel it deep inside
       Am           G           C
   And nothin' else, could ever change your mind
            Dm7                      F
   When you want someone, when you need someone,
   When you love someone.

Solo:(Am - G - C/G) 3times Dm G

Verse 3:(same as others)

When you love someone, you'll sacrifice
Give it everything you've got, and you won't think twice
You'll risk it all, no matter what may come,
When you love someone.


F  Fm        C             Am    F		   G
      You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun,
      When you love someone.

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