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/ The Byrds / Untitled (1970) / Hungry Planet guitar tab


From RICKL1@IX.NETCOM.COM Sun Apr 27 11:40:20 1997
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 00:40:27 GMT
Subject: Hungry Planet     The Byrds    Chords/Words

thanks to Roy J for the words
please post corrections

The Byrds     Hungry Planet  written by McGuinn/Battin/Fowley


G7 to G
I'm a hungry planet

I had a youthful face
They were in a hurry
G7 to G
To go to outer space
They needed bombs and tungsten
G7 to G
Ore and iron too
Bb                                    C
So they climbed and they dug and they blew
                    G7 to G
Divided me right in two


G7 to G
I'm a hungry planet

Orbiting in the sky
The things they did to hurt me
G7 to G
Pass on by and by
Now here I am all alone
G7 to G
They never ever learn
Bb                      C
Well I had to shake and quake
                      G7 to G
And make their houses burn


G7 to G
I'm a hungry planet

I had the bluest seas
Oh the people kept choppin' down
G7 to G
All my finest trees
Poisonin' my oxygen
G7  to G
Diggin' into my skin
Bb                         C
Takin' more out of my good earth
                           G7  to G
Than they'll ever put back in

I'm a hungry planet.....

>From The Untitled LP
Copyright Blackwood Music/Patian Music/Bad Boy Music

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