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/ The Byrds / Untitled (1970) / Yesterday's Train guitar tab


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Subject: Yesterday's Train     The Byrds   Chords/Words

The Byrds    Yesterday's Train     written by Gene Parsons/Skip Battin

E                          F#m
When you meet someone that you don't know
        A                   E
But you know them just the same
E                         F#m
You begin wondering if by chance it might be
       A                         G#m  F#m   E
An Acquaintance from yesterday's train

E  F#m A E     E F#m A G#m F#m E

E                                              F#m
Well there's something in her eyes that you've seen before
        A                         E
Maybe a memory or a mistress from another world
But you know that the trees are green and a baby cries
             A                     G#m F#m  E
>From dust to dust yet nothing     dies
E                                   F#m
You never know where we are in this endless place
    A                 E
Or who we are in this endless space
But we know that the trees are green and a baby cries
     A                           G#m F#m E
>From dust to dust yet nothing    dies
D                   C
Yesterday's train is rolling
        D                 C
Can you touch it thru the mist
        D                C
Did you meet someone on yesterday's train
        F#m            E            F#m              E
Can you tell it with a kiss can you tell it with a kiss

      From the  "Untitled"  LP Columbia Records 1970

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