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/ The Clash / Give 'em Enough Rope (1978) / Safe European Home guitar tab

From uunet!convex!!!schnitzi Thu Oct 15 13:40:53 PDT 1992
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From: (Mark Schnitzius)
Subject: TAB: The Clash -- "Safe European Home"
Sender: (News system)
Organization: University of Central Florida
Distribution: alt
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1992 00:03:29 GMT
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Safe European Home
The Clash (off of _Give 'Em Enough Rope_)
(think I finally figured out the middle break...)

       E                                            A          B
Well I just got back and I wish I never leave now  (Where'd ya go?)
        E                                          A  B
Who dat Martian arrival over at the airport, yeah?
    E  					   A  B
How many local dollars for a local anesthetic?
    E                                           A  B
The johnny on the corner was-a very sympathetic

  F#m                     C#
I went to the place where every white face
      A                  B
is an invitation to robbery
    F#m                C#            A
An' sitting here in my safe european home
      B                    E
Don't wanna go back there again

[with above verse progression]
Wasn't I lucky and wouldn't it be loverly?
Send us all cards, have a laying in on Sunday.
I was there for two weeks, so how come I never tell now?
That natty dread drink in the Sheraton Hotel, yeah.
[Chorus again]
1st break:  G#m  A  E  F#m  B  A  B  A  G#m  A (B) E
                            Oh-oh Oh-oh Oooh-Oh

[verse progression again]
They got the sun, they got the palm trees
They got the weed, they got the taxis.
Whoa, the harder they come, the home of ol' Blue Beat.
I'd stay and be a tourist, but I can't take the gun play.
[Chorus again]

[close -- reggae-ish part]
Oh!    Eur- o - pe-an  home.  [repeat ad lib]

If you can figure out any of the other vocal part in the
closing lyrics let me know.

mark schnitzius
university of central florida

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