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/ David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust (1972) / Starman guitar tab

From: (Joe Hartley)

This came over recently; I've just converted it to ChordPro.
In loading it up, I realized I've lost the attribution to the person
who originally wrote this up; I'm sorry.

{subtitle:David Bowie}

[Bb]       [F]       [Bb]     Hey la la...   [F]     Hey la la... 
 [Gm]Didn't know what time is was, and the lights were low - ow - [F]ow
I leaned back on my radio - o - [C]o 
Some cat was laying down some [C7]rock'n'roll, "lotta soul", he s[F]aid.  [Ab]  [Bb]
[Gm]Then the loud sound did seem to fa - a - a[F]de,
Came back like a slow voice on a wave of pha - a - a[C]se,
That weren't no D.J., that was [C7]hazy cosmic jive.   [A]     [G]

There's a s[F]tarman w[Dm]aiting in the sky, he'd l[Am]ike to come and m[C]eet us, 
but he th[C7]inks he'd blow our minds.  
There's a s[F]tarman w[Dm]aiting in the sky, he's t[Am]old us not to b[C]low it, 
'cause he k[C7]nows it's all worth-while, he told me:
[Bb] Let the c[Bbm]hildren lose it,[F] let the c[D7]hildren use it, [Gm] let all the c[C7]hildren boogie.

[Bb]     [F]     [C]     [F]      [Bb]     [F]     [C]
[Gm]I had to phone someone, so I picked on you - ou - [F]ou
Hey, that's far out, so you heard tim too - oo - [C]oo
Switch on the T.V., we may [C7]pick him on channel [F]two.  [Ab]   [Bb]
[Gm]Look out your window, I can see his ligh - igh - [F]ight,
if we can sparkle he may land tonigh - igh - [C]ight,
Don't tell your papa or he'll [C7]get us locked up in fright.   [A]     [G]

{comment:Repeat chorus twice}

{comment:Fade out repeating  Bb  F  C  F  while singing: la  la- la la ......}

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