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/ Dido / No Angel (1999) / My Life guitar tab

Dido - My Life
Track #11, No Angel

Capo 3

[Em] [G] [Am] [Bm]

What I [Em]choose to [G]do
is of [Am]no concern to [Bm]you
and your [Em]friends [G] [Am] [Bm]

Where I [Em]lay my [G]hat may not [Am]be my [Bm]home
but [Em]I will last [G] on [Am]my own [Bm]

Cos it's [Em]me [G] and my_[Am]_ life
it's my [Bm]life, it's my [Em]life [no chord]

Oh the [Em]world has [G]sat
in the [Am]palm of my [Bm]hand
not that [Em]you'd see [G] [Am] [Bm]

And I'm [Em]tired and [G]bored
of [Am]waiting for [Bm]you
and [Em]all those things [G] you never [Am]do [Bm]

Cos it's [Em]me [G] and my_[Am]_ life
it's my [Bm]life, it's my_[Em]_ life [G] [Am] [Bm] [Em]


Without the Capo:

Em -> Gm
G  -> Bb
Am -> Cm
Bm -> Dm

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